About Europa Miniature Horse Magazine

Editors Announcement

EUROPA MINIATURE HORSE MAGAZINE is an Independent non biased magazine for all  Miniature horse owners, breeders, studs, clubs and societies.

The Magazine promises to be equally informative for professionals and beginners alike with vital information to assist newcomers to the world of miniature horses.

It will bring you show dates and venues all around Europe; Studs, Breeders, News, Interviews, Stories, Sales, and a great source for all your advertisements to make an impact across Europe and beyond!

This will be the only Miniature Horse Magazine of its kind produced and published in the UK. Members of the AMHA AMHR/ASPC already receive a lovely  magazine from these societies, which keep members up to date on what is happening in the USA miniature horse world. But it's only via Facebook most Europeans learn about how our European horses, breeders, studs and societies etc. are doing. So this magazine is published to help with the promotion and knowledge of our European countries.

There is no denying the USA is huge not just as a country but as the birth place of the American Miniature Horse. However, as a united states of Europe we can join together with equal passion to take our rightful place with our European neighbours on the world stage and share this passion for our miniature horses.

So what better way than to read all about it? As interest in the miniature horse grows how do newcomers learn what to look for in a miniature horse or what stud to buy from? Which stallions are producing the best progeny? They have so many unanswered questions. Your Articles and Advertisements will provide them with the information required to make these critical decisions.

The USA started this passion and have some of the best breeding stallions/mares and foals in the world. However, Europe has also come a long way since in the past 30 years and some of the best stallions and foals are right here in our neighbouring European back yard. It's a lot easier to visit and purchase a horse this close to home.

The world is changing at pace and that includes our tiny bit in Europe. As owners, friends and guardians of the miniature horse we should be mindful not to let our miniature horse "world" implode. As ambassadors of the Miniature Horse we have the ability to continually find ways of making the horse world in general, more aware of this wonderful, captivating, versatile breed and its fabulous derivatives.

This Magazine will help promote your many years of hard work breeding the perfect Miniature Horse. There are still many horse enthusiasts out there that have not seen or heard of the American Miniature Horse or the American Shetland. Our goal is to help you promote these wonderful breeds. The team behind Europa Magazine consists of: Editor, Artistic Editor, and Publisher. Our artistic editor offers Advertising and graphic design for Photography, Art Work and advertising needs if required. Please contact Claire Moore for artwork prices for the magazine. All contact details for Claire are on our website page "contacts"

Europa Magazine will be in high quality, full colour, and glossy format. It is an Annual magazine and will be released every January. Our first edition was released January 2015. Since then the magazine has gone from strength to strength with subscriptions from all over the world! Our magazine will provide you the opportunity to read; stud visits all around Europe, catch up on the latest show season results, wonderful miniature horse stories from around the world,  educational reports,adverts and plenty of features from Miniature horse owners/breeders from all around the world.

Whilst our miniature horses are in winter mode, the magazine will be a great read to get you up and ready for the next show/breeding season.

The Subscription price of the magazine is £7.00 Pounds.We wish you all, great success, fun and happiness for 2018 show/breeding season.

NB Europa Miniature Horse Magazine is a 'Not for Profit' organisation intended to provide added value for its subscribers and readers for the benefit of all Miniature Horse owners. This ethos is engrained in our Mission Statement and will be carried through in all our actions. Our highly competitive advertising rates are testament to our commitment to this practice.